Travelin' Teens


Are your kids too old for regular day camp? Is your pre-teen/teen ready for something new and exciting with kids her/his own age? It's time to send them to Travelin' Teens for the Summer of a fantastic teenage fun! Travelin' Teens is designed to provide excitement through the exploration of a variety of high thrill activities. We provide the opportunity to make new friends through new experiences. 

Daily trips include: 

  • Kings Dominion
  • Area beaches
  • Medieval Times
  • White Water Adventure
  • High Ropes Courses
  • And much more


Our camp is spit up into two groups 

  • Junior Varsity  Campers entering 4th, 5th, and 6th grade 
  • Varsity Campers entering the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade

The schedules for the two camps will vary slightly as the Junior Varsity group has shorter distances to travel.


We offer pick ups at all of the designated schools where Travelin’ Teens is offered. Trained and experienced staff members are with campers at all times helping develop a greater sense of independence, responsibility, and self esteem throughout their travels. As you would expect, safety is taken very seriously at all camps and especially with Travelin’ Teens. We ride the rides, raft the rivers, go to the restrooms together, and we do what they do.





Your Camp Director.

It's simple to do! Just Text 81010.

Use the Messege @ttjv15 if your child is in Junior Varsity 

Use the Messege @ttv15 if your child is in Varsity

You will get a reply asking for your name.

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